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Toyota Wants Claims Consolidated

When a company faces a litany of legal claims against it, it's common for the defendant to look for ways to make their problem simpler. One of those common strategies is to ask the court to consolidate claims into one central action. This strategy clearly… Read More

Life Changing Catastrophic Injuries and Ongoing Medical Bills

Certain personal injury cases involve harm that's so severe for the victim of negligence, recklessness or even intentional conduct that the person who has been injured faces a lifetime of change and struggle. While these sorts of results can arise in… Read More

Dog Bite Liability and Lawsuit Compensation

There are approximately 75 million dogs kept as pets in the United States, and while the majority of them are reasonably trained and not a threat to other people, the unfortunate fact is that millions of dog bite injuries occur every year in the country… Read More

Dog Bites, Breed Statistics and Safety Precautions

Americans love dogs. While that's generally seen as a positive, there are negative aspects to this cultural reality. There are approximately 75 million 'family' dogs living with humans in the United States, and while the vast majority of them are safe,… Read More

Financial Abuse and Nursing Home Facilities

As the American population gets older in general, more and more people will need the help of assisted living facilities or nursing homes to make sure that they are properly cared for as they enter their golden years. Unfortunately, the reality of this… Read More

Slip and Fall Accidents and Determining Liability

Slip and fall accidents tend to be dismissed by many as a simple case of someone 'slipping on a banana peel' in an aisle at the grocery store. In reality, slip and fall cases can and do involve serious injuries and even fatalities. When these situations… Read More

Documents Revealed Regarding Toyota's Knowledge of Problems

Generally, when massive recalls are initiated and products liability cases are filed, the defendants in the matters will claim that they had no prior knowledge of the defects in question. Sometimes, this is the truth. Unfortunately for Toyota and for… Read More

More Bad News for Toyota as Prius Comes Under Scrutiny

It seems that new problems arise with Toyota on almost a daily basis. The company has been hammered in recent weeks for historically enormous recalls that to date have affected more than 8 million vehicles. Up until this point the Toyota Prius has only… Read More

Is Bankruptcy a State or Federal Filing?

Millions of people and business entities file for bankruptcy protection every year in the United States, and many wonder how the process works. One of the most common questions those who are considering bankruptcy ask concerns whether the bankruptcy case… Read More

Toyota Is In the Spotlight Again

It has not been a positive year so far for Toyota. The company has been mired in controversy because of its massive recall of more than 8 million vehicles because of a problem with the accelerator pedals. The news of the recall was covered in the media… Read More

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