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Braun Corporation Conversion Van Recall Effects Many Models

Many people in the United States need the help of special conversion vehicles to get around. These conversion vehicles are almost always vans and usually contain lifts, ramps and other equipment designed to help passengers get into and out of a vehicle… Read More

Toyota Lawsuits Consolidated to Santa Ana

For months now, Toyota has been embroiled in a growing legal situation that's based on their alleged dissemination of defective Toyotas into the consumer market stream. As a result of all of the problems reported with these vehicles that relate to defective… Read More

Daycare Facilities' Obligation to Maintain a Safe Environment

Given the economic realities of the present time, the majority of households with children need to have every adult who lives there hold jobs. This creates the need for daycare for these children, and demand for these services remains high. Unfortunately,… Read More

Boating Accidents and Owner Liability

As the weather continues to get warmer and the summer months draw near, more and more Phoenix and Tucson residents look for ways to escape the heat of Arizona. One of the most popular methods to accomplish this objective is to seek the fun and refreshment… Read More

Arizona Pool Injuries and Drowning Liability

Swimming pools are almost a staple in Arizona, as there aren't many things that help people escape the oppressive summer heat better than a dip in a pool. While swimming pools offer welcome relief for many, the underlying reality is that swimming pools… Read More

Swimming Pool Drowning Liability and Municipal Pools

With the hot summer months just around the corner, many people of all ages will begin to flock to swimming pools in an attempt to beat the heat that dominates the weather in Arizona during this time of year. While municipal pools present an attractive… Read More

Commercial Parking Lots and Premises Liability

Anyone who spends time in a large city likely needs to park their vehicle in a public parking lot from time to time. While these parking lots offer convenience for what is usually an affordable price, there are legal duties that attach to this situation… Read More

Private Pool Drowning and Premises Liability

Arizona is hot in the summer. Everyone understands that this is the reality of the climate in which we live, and as a result swimming pools dot the landscape in both suburban and urban areas. While swimming pools offer immediate relief from intense heat,… Read More

Failure to Supervise Children in Daycare

The reality of modern American culture is that many homes have one parent living there and others with two parents require both of them to work in order to meet their monthly obligations. As a result, the need for daycare for children is enormous. While… Read More

Bus Accident Liability - Who Pays the Medical Bills?

People use buses for transportation with increasing frequency, and there are many different types of buses that residents of Arizona use regularly. School buses take children to and from school every day, city buses provide an option for an easier commute… Read More

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