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Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster Could Devastate Businesses

When man-made catastrophes strike, the fallout can range far and wide and lead to serious harm to people and businesses that was never thought to be possible before the worst-case scenario became a reality. Unfortunately for countless people who depend… Read More

Can I Go to Jail for Filing Bankruptcy?

Fear is one of the dominant emotions when someone is experiencing financial difficulties. This fear comes from a foundation of shame and embarrassment for being behind on bills, from intimidation based on the sometimes extreme threats made by creditors… Read More

Baxter Colleague Infusion Pumps Recalled by FDA Order

When people are unable to feed and medicate themselves, they need the help of both medical professionals and equipment in order to make sure that their basic health needs are met. One of the pieces of equipment that's been on the market in recent years… Read More

How Does Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona Affect My Credit?

Many people who feel as though they are being buried in debt, inundated with collection calls and letters and who are constantly lacking the money to even pay their basic monthly bills also feel that there is no way out from under the stress and fear… Read More

Will Bankruptcy Stop the Harassing Phone Calls and Mail from Bill Collectors?

Anyone who has encountered serious financial problems understands the stress-filled reality of such a situation - the phone rings all day with calls from bill collectors looking to squeeze whatever small amount of money they can out of an existing debt,… Read More

FDA Sends Letter Requiring Bayer to Alter Marketing and Labeling for Yasmin and Yaz

Bayer Healthcare is one of the leaders and giants of the pharmaceutical industry. Two of its medications that have been released in recent years, Yasmin and Yaz, generated enormous amounts of revenue as they made deep penetration into the birth control… Read More

Braun Corporation Conversion Van Recall Effects Many Models

Many people in the United States need the help of special conversion vehicles to get around. These conversion vehicles are almost always vans and usually contain lifts, ramps and other equipment designed to help passengers get into and out of a vehicle… Read More

Toyota Lawsuits Consolidated to Santa Ana

For months now, Toyota has been embroiled in a growing legal situation that's based on their alleged dissemination of defective Toyotas into the consumer market stream. As a result of all of the problems reported with these vehicles that relate to defective… Read More

Daycare Facilities' Obligation to Maintain a Safe Environment

Given the economic realities of the present time, the majority of households with children need to have every adult who lives there hold jobs. This creates the need for daycare for these children, and demand for these services remains high. Unfortunately,… Read More

Boating Accidents and Owner Liability

As the weather continues to get warmer and the summer months draw near, more and more Phoenix and Tucson residents look for ways to escape the heat of Arizona. One of the most popular methods to accomplish this objective is to seek the fun and refreshment… Read More

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