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Consumer Guide to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Arizona

When people experience serious financial problems, they generally do not see a way out from under the mounting stress, increasing number of collections phone calls and letters and the self-inflicted shame that can dominate their daily lives. Fortunately,… Read More

Insurance Adjusters Do Not Work For You

Auto accidents occur regularly in Arizona, and when they do occur an entire chain of events is usually set in motion. These events include the involvement of insurance companies and their employees, and someone who has been injured in an phoenix auto… Read More

How Do I Find a Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

If you find yourself mired in financial trouble that doesn't seem to offer you any way out, you're far from alone. More than a million people every year in the United States file for bankruptcy protection to end the harassment from creditors and to provide… Read More

Don't Depend on Government to Help with BP Oil Spill Damages

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has led to a frenzy of activity on several fronts in regards to the businesses in the Gulf of Mexico region that will be harmed greatly when the spill reaches land. In many cases, such as with commercial fishermen,… Read More

Talk to a BP Oil Injury Attorney Before Filing Claims with Company

BP has been taking several steps to cover itself in the wake of one of the biggest oil disasters in recent history. There are many different levels of concern both for BP and the population that will be affected by this massive spill, and one of the main… Read More

Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster Could Devastate Businesses

When man-made catastrophes strike, the fallout can range far and wide and lead to serious harm to people and businesses that was never thought to be possible before the worst-case scenario became a reality. Unfortunately for countless people who depend… Read More

Can I Go to Jail for Filing Bankruptcy?

Fear is one of the dominant emotions when someone is experiencing financial difficulties. This fear comes from a foundation of shame and embarrassment for being behind on bills, from intimidation based on the sometimes extreme threats made by creditors… Read More

Baxter Colleague Infusion Pumps Recalled by FDA Order

When people are unable to feed and medicate themselves, they need the help of both medical professionals and equipment in order to make sure that their basic health needs are met. One of the pieces of equipment that's been on the market in recent years… Read More

How Does Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona Affect My Credit?

Many people who feel as though they are being buried in debt, inundated with collection calls and letters and who are constantly lacking the money to even pay their basic monthly bills also feel that there is no way out from under the stress and fear… Read More

Will Bankruptcy Stop the Harassing Phone Calls and Mail from Bill Collectors?

Anyone who has encountered serious financial problems understands the stress-filled reality of such a situation - the phone rings all day with calls from bill collectors looking to squeeze whatever small amount of money they can out of an existing debt,… Read More

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