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Fault in Arizona Stop Sign Intersection Car Accidents

One of the most overlooked but complicated driving scenarios that people encounter every day takes place at intersections controlled by stop signs. Most of us have a level of experience where the rules and norms have become instinctive, but the fact remains… Read More

Who Is Liable for Injuries in AZ Public Bus Accidents?

People have been using public transportation including buses in increasing numbers recently, and there are many reasons for this phenomenon. Not only does this form of transportation tend to save on fuel costs, but it also eliminates the need to take… Read More

Know How to Spot Arizona Nursing Home Neglect

As the collective population of the United States ages, it increases the demand on nursing homes and other assisted living facilities that need to find room for new residents. This type of pressure on those establishments leads to rushed decisions and… Read More

Fisher Price Recalls 10 Million Toys Due to Potential Injury

Children's toys are an enormous market that's supported by consumers, and it generates billions of dollars every year for the leading companies who manufacture these products. One of these leading companies is Fisher Price, which is known around the world… Read More

Problems with Applying for Social Security Disability in Arizona

For people who are unable to work and who will be unable to work for some time, there are programs available that can help keep them from becoming completely destitute. One such program of benefits is overseen by the United States Social Security Administration… Read More

Slip and Fall Accidents in Retail Stores and Restaurants in Arizona

Retail stores and restaurants can only survive if people feel invited to enter their premises. Therefore, there are few types of business establishments that must be kept safer than these two, especially when one considers the inherent dangers of heavy… Read More

Commercial Trucking Accident Claims in Arizona

Arizona is a state that's been growing for years, and that fact coupled with its proximity to California and the port cities of the west means that commercial trucks can dominate the roads in the state at any given time. While commerce being done is always… Read More

Is it Wise to Keep My House When Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

When people face difficult financial situations that deteriorate to the point where filing for bankruptcy becomes a real and potentially positive option, most have one question that dominates all others in terms of number of times it's asked: Can I and… Read More

Whiplash Injuries Can Lead to Long Term Medical Bills

Perhaps one of the most maligned injuries that results from car accidents is whiplash. Hollywood has depicted whiplash as a fake injury countless times over the years in an attempt at comedy, and this effort overall has had an unfortunate effect on those… Read More

FDA Announces Access Restrictions to Avandia

Avandia, manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant that is GlaxoSmithKline, has long been an extremely popular prescription choice by doctors for patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Avandia is generally used in conjunction with a specific diet and… Read More

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