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Documents To File In A Phoenix Bankruptcy Case

For people who are suffering financially and who are not sure where to turn for help, there are options available. One of those options is filing for bankruptcy protection so that the collection efforts can stop and those who are working through these… Read More

Injury Fault For Rear End Auto Collisions in Arizona

Every year in Arizona, more than 43,000 rear-end traffic collisions occur. This represents nearly half of all of the Arizona traffic accidents that occur on an annual basis. Generally speaking, there is an assumption that whenever an Arizona rear-end… Read More

Arizona Tire Tread Separation Accident Victims' Families Awarded $14.4 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When people take their vehicles to a dealership for servicing, they are generally conditioned to trust that the work that's been done has been handled properly. Unfortunately, when things go wrong they can go very wrong, and tragically, that's what took… Read More

Dispute Your Arizona Car Accident Insurance Claims

More than 140,000 Arizona car accidents occur every year. Almost all of these accidents involve the filing of one or more insurance claims after the collision has occurred. While many people have been conditioned to assume that filing an insurance claim… Read More

Food Poisoning and Food Contamination Lawsuits in Arizona

Of all of the vendors that the people of Arizona trust explicitly, perhaps none are more trusted than those who sell us our food. This is somewhat strange when one considers the fact that few if any of us actually know the people who feed us. However,… Read More

Phoenix Attorneys Help With Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

There are some people in the United States who for many different reasons both physical and mental are simply unable to hold gainful employment. For these unfortunate people, there are programs in place designed to help them avoid becoming a burden on… Read More

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Lawsuits in Arizona

When Arizona car accidents occur, and more than 140,000 of them take place every year in the state, one of the most troubling injuries that can result is known as a traumatic brain injury. These injuries deal with a part of the body that largely remains… Read More

Serious Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Injures Two Victims

Mild winter weather in Phoenix, Arizona encourages motorcycle riding year-round, however, with this benefit comes year-round concern about motorcycle accidents and injuries in and around the Phoenix metro area. During the holiday season, alcohol-related… Read More

Phoenix Bus Accident Causes, Injuries and Legal Liability

For many different reasons, people in Arizona use buses for transportation. This includes school buses, city transit buses and of course charter buses that are obtained by groups of people who are all traveling to the same destination. While this mode… Read More

Rear End Car Accident Collision Liability in Arizona

Arizona car accidents occur on a daily basis, and by far the most common type of collision is the rear-end crash. More than 43,000 Arizona rear-end collisions occur every year in the state, which constitutes more than 45 percent of all crashes. Anyone… Read More

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