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18 Wheeler Accident Representation in Arizona

Anyone who has spent any time on the roads of Arizona understands that large trucks are a regular sight. We share the roads with these vehicles and generally do not give them any thought, but the fact is that Arizona trucking accidents can and do occur… Read More

Treatment for Whiplash After a Collision

One of the most common injuries that results from Arizona car accidents is whiplash. Unfortunately, whiplash is an injury that's historically been met with skepticism for many reasons, but anyone who has suffered from this condition fully understands… Read More

Retain Assets With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Arizona

The economy in Arizona is suffering despite some pieces of news that indicate that things are beginning to trend towards the positive. Even if that's the case, the damage has been done to countless residents of the state by way of a flagging jobs market,… Read More

Depuy Hip Replacement Product Recall and Lawsuits

When a product is used by a large number of people and it proves to be defective to the point where lawsuits begin to be filed in large numbers, the resulting litigation, discovery issues and pretrial motions can tie up court dockets in several jurisdictions.… Read More

Arizona Social Security Disability Appeals

As unfortunate as it seems, there are people in Arizona who are disabled and unable to work to the point where they would be considered gainfully employed. These disabilities can be physical or mental, and the federal government has programs to help those… Read More

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Arizona?

The laws of personal injury in Arizona generally deal with losses that are suffered because of the negligence, recklessness or the intentional conduct of someone else. However, there is no greater form of sudden loss than when negligence, recklessness… Read More

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident Liability in Arizona

When people hear about Arizona slip and fall accident lawsuits, many mistakenly envision someone simply falling over in a public place and suffering minor injuries. The facts indicate that slip and fall accidents are a serious problem in the United States,… Read More

Rear End Collision Liability and Lawsuits in Arizona

Every year, more than 95,000 Arizona car accidents occur that involve more than one vehicle. Of these crashes, nearly half, or almost 44,000, are rear-end collisions. More than 13,000 Arizona rear-end collisions result in at least one injury to someone… Read More

Our Attorney Debt Negotiation Services May Avoid Arizona Bankruptcy

When people face serious financial difficulties, many of them tend to simply hope that a solution will present itself. As anyone who has taken this step understands, these situations will not resolve themselves. One of the reasons for this natural hesitation… Read More

Liability and Lawsuits For Phoenix Commuter Train Injuries

Many people in Phoenix make use of different forms of public transportation in order to get to and from their destinations on a regular basis. One of the more popular choices in regards to public transportation is the Valley Metro train, which moves through… Read More

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