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Arizona Mine Worker Killed in Trucking Accident

Working in a mine is an extremely dangerous occupation, as people can be injured and/or killed in a number of different ways in such a place and when spending so many hours in such an environment. However, a tragic loss has occurred recently at a mine,… Read More

Depuy Hip Implant Cobalt Poisoning Lawsuits

When people suffer from chronic hip problems, something needs to be done so that they can regain their mobility and eliminate the daily pain they endure. Fortunately, the world of medical science has advanced in nearly every regard in recent years, and… Read More

How to Find an Arizona Insurance Dispute Lawyer

When people are injured and they need help to pay for the damages they incur as a result, they often turn to their insurance companies and file a claim for coverage. Many people in this position do so with a high degree of confidence, as they have been… Read More

Insurance Disputes and Claim Lawyers in Phoenix

More than 140,000 Arizona car accidents occur every year, and more than 65,000 people are injured as a result of these crashes. Therefore, an enormous number of insurance claims are filed in the state annually in an attempt to recapture losses that were… Read More

Attorneys For Your Arizona Car Accident Insurance Claim

More than 140,000 Arizona car accidents occur every year somewhere in the state. Most of these accidents will result in the filing of at least one if not more than one insurance claims so that those who have suffered losses can recover their damages based… Read More

Woman in Wheelchair Killed in Phoenix Pedestrian Accident

The advancements that have been made in recent years in regards to those who need some help with their mobility are nothing short of amazing. People who lack the ability to walk on their own can now engage in just about any activity that many others take… Read More

Fire at Senior Housing Complex in Phoenix May Be Wrongful Death

Senior housing is a form of living that is growing in demand around Arizona and the United States as the population of the country collectively ages. As a result, more and more strain is being put on those who provide this form of housing. When this situation… Read More

School Bus Accident in Phoenix Leads to Pedestrian Fatality

School buses transport thousands of children to and from school every day in the Phoenix area, and for the most part these trips go off without incident. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong it tends to go very wrong given the number of people in… Read More

Accutane Lawsuits for Side Effects Move Forward in 2011

Accutane is a medication that was manufactured by Roche AG, and it was used by people all over the United States to treat the symptoms of severe acne. For many people, this medication was extremely effective, but for many others, the use of this medication… Read More

Deadly Drunk Driving Accident in Phoenix

Drinking and driving is never a good decision, and all that's available to differentiate between these situations involves measuring how much damage is done as a result of this conduct. Tragically, one of the worst-case scenarios possible as a result… Read More

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