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When the Teacher is the Bully

Morenci, AZ:  Three third-grade students from Metcalf Elementary were physically assaulted by their teacher, Mrs. Lundeen, on December 14, 2017. Two male students had their heads ‘slammed’ into their desk; one student has visible bruises and a raised… Read More

Identifying Racial Employment Discrimination

There are several state and federal laws in Arizona that prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of an employee’s or applicant’s race. This includes discrimination related to hiring, terminating pay, job assignments, training and other terms and… Read More

The Most Common Medical Mistakes

Medical malpractice can occur in every field of medicine, can involve the negligence of medical staff or the hospital, and can result in victims suffering serious injuries or death. If you believe you have suffered a medical malpractice injury, do not… Read More

How Does Income Affect SSI Disability Benefits?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program that pays monthly benefits to blind, disabled, or elderly individuals over the age of 65. However, to qualify for SSI, you must earn a limited income and own very few assets. This means any… Read More

Filing a Claim for a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident in AZ

In a car accident involving more than two vehicles, determining fault can be challenging. In these situations, one or more drivers could be liable for your injuries. If you were injured in a car accident involving multiple vehicles, do not hesitate to… Read More

Workers’ Compensation for Occupational Diseases

Hazards in the workplace can lead to the development of occupational diseases that impact a person’s everyday life and ability to work. If an employee develops an injury or disease because of conditions found in his or her work environment, the employee… Read More

Right of Way Laws in Arizona

Arizona has several right-of-way laws in place to help prevent auto accidents caused by drivers who failed to yield.   Right-of-way laws help determine when a person can proceed into an intersection, enter certain roadways or merge into traffic. They… Read More

What Evidence Can Help Me Prove My Personal Injury Case?

To file a claim for an accident caused by another’s negligence, you will need to provide evidence that shows the other party is responsible for causing your injuries. When building a case to support your claim, it is important to gather as much evidence… Read More

Can an Employer Terminate You While on Workers’ Compensation?

Employees who are injured on the job turn to workers’ compensation to pay for their medical expenses and partial lost wages while they are recovering. However, many workers worry about their employer firing them while they are collecting workers’ compensation… Read More

Timothy Tonkin Named Co-Chairman of the College of Trial Advocacy

Phillips Law Group is proud to announce that Supervising Lawyer Timothy Tonkin has been selected as Co-Chairman of the State Bar of Arizona’s College of Trial Advocacy. In this role, he will help coordinate the yearly intensive, five-day workshop, usually… Read More

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