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Arizona, Entire U.S. Sees Spike in Traffic Fatalities

For almost fifteen years, the estimated number of fatal car accidents on our nation’s highways has been in a slow-but-steady decline. However, an announcement made last week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that… Read More

Report Says that Arizona Needs More Highway Safety Policies

According to a recent report from the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, Arizona ranks as one of the worst states for highway safety policies.  The Vice President of governmental affairs for Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety confirmed that seven… Read More

Fatal Wrong-Way Accidents Caused by Drunk Driving Prompt New Safety Measures on Arizona Highways

For over a decade, law officials from Arizona have been focused on reducing the number of fatal car accidents caused by drunk drivers traveling the wrong direction on the states’ freeways. In Arizona, impaired drivers continue to pose a particularly… Read More

Johnson & Johnson Pays $120 Million to Victims of Defective Transvaginal Mesh Implants

Several medical manufacturing companies—Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, and C.R. Bard—have come under fire recently for producing and selling transvaginal mesh implants that can cause internal injuries, debilitating pain and a plethora of long-lasting… Read More

Phoenix Doctor Sends Dying Girl Home, Says Mother was Just Overreacting

In an alleged case of severe medical malpractice, a neurosurgeon at the Barrow Neurological Institute of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix sent a critically ill child home because her mother “had a tendency to overreact” and “was not… Read More

Department of Labor to Crack Down on Companies That Cheat Temporary Workers

The Department of Labor (DOL) is cracking down on companies that cheat temporary workers out of overtime wages and other benefits through joint employment endeavors with temporary staffing agencies. The DOL’s Wage and Hour Division Department has set… Read More

Levaquin RICO Lawsuit

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson faces yet another lawsuit for allegedly concealing harmful and potentially deadly side effects caused by its antibiotic Levaquin. The latest Levaquin lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court on Jan. 18, 2016,… Read More

Automakers Agree to Reform the Way They Report Data: Recalls Could be a Thing of the Past

Following such disastrous and deadly incidents as Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, GM’s faulty ignition switch recall, and Takata’s airbag recall, several different auto manufacturers have agreed to reform the way they report injuries, fatalities, and… Read More

Construction Fatality at AZ Hospital May Be Wrongful Death

Few industries in the world are as dangerous as the construction industry, as more people are injured and killed in this line of work than in any other profession. Tragically, that reality was once again hammered home when a construction worker was killed… Read More

Medical Device Company Continued to Sell Defective Blood Clot Filters Despite Patient Deaths

A recent investigation has revealed more distressing news about medical device manufacturer C.R. Bard and its Bard IV filters. The original Bard Recovery® filter—which was found to be defective—as well as its replacement G2® filter, have both fallen… Read More

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