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Arizona Rated One of the Most Dangerous States for Drivers

Arizona has been rated as one of the worst states in the U.S. for driver and passenger protection due to the lack of traffic safety laws. The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (AHAS), a consumer-based group, released its annual Roadmap Report of… Read More

Arizona Bill Hopes to Ban Teens from Using Electronic Devices while Driving

An Arizona Senate committee has approved a bill that would ban teens from using electronic devices while driving during the first six months after acquiring a driver's license. Senate Bill 1080 is Arizona's latest attempt at a small step toward banning… Read More

New Study Ranks Arizona Drivers as the Most Aggressive in U.S.

Two of Arizona’s cities, Phoenix and Tucson, have been named as the leading cities with the most aggressive drivers in the U.S. The findings were reported in a study conducted by Automatic, a San Francisco-based connected car company. Automatic concluded… Read More

Proposed Bill to Change Drug and Alcohol Testing after Severe Traffic Accidents Gains Political Support

A proposed Arizona bill that would change alcohol and drug testing procedures has gained recent Senate support. An Arizona state Senate committee has voted unanimously in favor of Senate Bill 1054, known as “Joe’s Law.” The proposed bill would require… Read More

Rights of Construction Workers in the Workplace

Construction workers are constantly exposed to dangerous work environments that requires constant monitoring and strong safety regulations to prevent injuries caused by workplace accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) extends… Read More

Over-the-Air Updates May Change NHTSA Auto Recall Procedures

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is considering making changes to its procedures involving auto safety recalls due to the rise of over-the-air update technology in new vehicles. The NHTSA’s consideration to re-evaluate its procedures… Read More

Volkswagen to Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges and Pay $4.3 Billion Settlement

Volkswagen has announced that the company will plead guilty to criminal charges and pay $4.3 billion in penalties, the largest fine issued against an automaker in U.S. history. Volkswagen lied to consumers and government regulators in a 10-year long… Read More

Commonly Asked Questions about Arizona's New Minimum Wage

Arizona increased the state’s minimum wage from $8.05 to $10 per hour on Jan. 1, 2017 after voters passed Proposition 206 during the November general election. To address questions or concerns regarding Arizona’s new law, the state’s Industrial Commission… Read More

The Rights of Tipped Employees

Many Arizona workers who receive more than $30 in tips per month are considered tipped employees, which may include waiting staff, bartenders and cleaning staff. The rights of tipped employees are more complicated than those paid a straight hourly wage… Read More

Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Truck accidents can result in traumatic injuries with long-term consequences. These accidents may also be more complicated than the average car accident, and often require an attorney who is experienced in transportation and common carrier laws. An attorney… Read More

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