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Baxter Colleague Infusion Pumps Recalled by FDA Order

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on May 05, 2010 in Defective Products

When people are unable to feed and medicate themselves, they need the help of both medical professionals and equipment in order to make sure that their basic health needs are met. One of the pieces of equipment that's been on the market in recent years is a series of pumps known as Baxter Colleague Infusion pumps. These pumps are designed to automatically provide these necessary substances to patients, but they have been recalled today on orders from the FDA, prompting even more needs for help from experienced Baxter Colleague Infusion pump recall lawyers. Below is an overview of the reasons for this defective Baxter Colleague Infusion pump recall.

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Defective Baxter Colleague Infusion Pumps - Basic Malfunctions

Over time, several common and dangerous problems have been identified with the recalled Baxter Colleague Infusion pumps. A few examples of these problems include:

  • Over-heating, leading to smoke and fire
  • Battery malfunctions
  • Electrical problems
  • User interface difficulties
  • The tendency to shut down unexpectedly

When any of these problems arise, the patient who needs the nutrients supplied by these products no longer receives them. As a result of these ongoing issues, more than 56,000 adverse effect reports have been generated and more than 500 people have died.

Defective Baxter Colleague Infusion Pumps - History of Dealings with the FDA

What's even worse is that the recall that was ordered today by the FDA is not the first Baxter Colleague Infusion pump recall. In fact, two prior recalls have been initiated, in 2005 and in 2009. Over the years, Baxter International, the manufacturer of these products, has been negotiating with the FDA in regards to the necessary repairs and improvements to the 200,000 units that remain in circulation. Baxter proposed a schedule to the FDA whereby these necessary repairs would begin in 2012 and would be completed by 2013. The FDA saw this as unacceptable and as a result ordered the recall of defective Baxter Colleague Infusion pumps effective immediately.

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