Property Damages

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, in 2011, motor vehicle collisions caused 13,311 injuries and 192 fatalities to Arizona passengers and drivers involved. While the state of Arizona works hard to increase awareness with an objective of reducing the number of crash-related injuries and fatalities, the number of collisions continues to be an issue.

As such, the property damage associated with these traffic crashes has been a growing problem across Phoenix and all of Arizona. If property is damage ensues during or after a AZ property damage attorney is essential as you navigate the litigation process following a car accident.

AZ Property Damage Terms

The aftermath of a traffic crash can be incredibly hectic. With this in mind, insurance adjusters may try to trick you into accepting a claim well below what will cover the property damage endured. In Arizona, an AZ property damage attorney will guide you through this process, ensuring that the insurance company of the at-fault driver is handling the case properly.

If you have suffered property damage after a Phoenix, an AZ personal injury lawyer is here to help.

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