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AZ Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

According to a report from the Arizona Department of Transportation, approximately 2.26 people were killed each day in 2011 due to some kind of motor vehicle collision. These numbers indicate the dangerous conditions present on the Arizona roads and highways. Unfortunately, motorcyclists make up a large portion of the accident injuries and fatalities across the state.

Motorcycle riders are subject to the most severe injuries following a traffic crash, as they lack the protection of a typical motor vehicle. Arizona bikers would agree that the roads and highways within the state are perfect for riding. They present phenomenal scenery, mountains and hills to enjoy, and sharp turns that give motorcyclists the thrill that they crave. While this is great for a fun day of motorcycle riding, it also presents a serious risk.

Since 2000, motorcycle deaths have increased by 55 percent, as specified in a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, motorcycle injuries and deaths alone account for $12 billion every year. With a universal helmet law, Arizona motorcycle riders are placed in a potentially precarious position each and every time they get on the road.

Motorcycle accidents can change a life in an instant. If a traffic collision does occur, the comfort in knowing that an Arizona motorcycle law firm is on your side is essential to handling the complex litigation process. Phillips Law Group is dedicated to helping motorcycle victims to recover the compensation that they deserve.

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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division provides bikers with the Motorcycle Operator Manual in order to place motorcyclists in the best position to safely navigate the Arizona roads. The main objectives of this manual are to communicate the fundamentals for accident avoidance and safe riding information. Motorcycle riders in Arizona are encouraged to take a basic rider course, avoid drugs and alcohol when riding, wear protective gear, and most importantly, keep vehicle maintenance up to date.

Arizona bikers should keep a regular check for the following maintenance inspections:


Motorcycle malfunctions have been linked to bad batteries in a large number of cases. Battery fluid levels must be regularly checked to ensure that each chamber has the appropriate amount of battery. If a chamber is found to be low, use distilled or deionized water to top it off. Be sure to avoid using tap water at all costs, as the minerals within in is damaging to batteries. Finally, keep a regular check on the cables and clamps to make sure that there are no loose connections or damages.


Brake fluid must be replaced at least every two years when riding a motorcycle. As time goes on, the fluid begins to absorb moisture, becoming less effective. All bikes have two brake fluid reservoirs, so be sure to check both of these regularly. In addition, riders must make sure that their brake pads are sufficiently thick. Arizona bikers should keep a regular watch on the brake pads, as the pads will eventually deteriorate and require replacement.

Chains, Belts, and Shaft Drives

Each of these components is essential to the proper functionality of your bike. In order to increase the durability of your motorcycle, regularly lubricate chains after each ride. While shaft drives do not entail too much maintenance, the oil should be changed along with the regular oil changes for the bike. In addition, oil changes are a great reminder to check the function of your belt drives. The tension of the belt should be check and then fine-tuned if necessary. Oil changes are the best opportunity to change the parts of the motorcycle that are less frequently seen and utilized.


Many motorcycle riders believe that as long as they have fuel in their tank, they are up-to-date on fuel maintenance. However, regular fuel checks are essential to proper performance of any bike. The fuel filter must be changed every two years. However, in between changes, riders must check that the filter is free of clogs. In addition, weather damage can cause cracking the fuel lines, be sure to replace immediately if these are found.


Each motorcycle has a recommended oil weight. Riders must pay close attention to that weight and ensure that their bikes oil levels are sufficient before operating the bike on the roads. Finally, riders must remember to top off the oil levels before riding if the level is too high.


Tire replacement is an expensive, time consuming process. Nevertheless, motorcycle owners must give tires the respect that they deserve, as motorcycle tires play an essential role in the overall ride. Riders should regularly check tire pressure to ensure that the tires are fully inflated at all times. It is a good idea to keep a tool bag with a tire pressure gauge. Tire tread should be replaced when it reaches 1 to 2 mm.

Phillips Law Group

Motorcycle maintenance is an often overlooked, yet imperative responsibility of any Arizona rider. When a biker operates a motorcycle, they are automatically traveling with a greater risk than a typical automobile operator. With this in mind, motorcyclists must keep regular checks on the major functions of their bike.

However, when a bike malfunctions and at no fault of the owner, Phillips Law Group believes that the manufacturer of the bike must be held liable for any injuries and damages that ensue. If you or a loved one has been injured by a product defect in a motorcycle, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers believe that you deserve to be compensated for your losses.

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