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Burns and Laceration Injury Lawsuits in Arizona

Common injuries experienced by Phoenix auto accident victims are burns and lacerations. Injury victims who have suffered from either a traumatic burn injury or severe laceration are at a great risk of permanent scarring or disfigurement. If you or a loved one has suffered burns and lacerations in an auto accident that was caused by the actions or negligence of another driver, we believe that you deserve both compassion and compensation for your injuries.

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Types of Burns

There are approximately 2.4 million burn injuries that occur across the country each year. Auto accidents are one of the top sources of burn injury victims. When cars crash into each other, fuel tanks can break, resulting in a fuel-fed fire. Tank explosions can lead to severe burn injuries and in worst-case scenarios, the wrongful death of car accident victims.

Burns can vary in severity and are separated into degrees.

First Degree Burns

First degree burns may be the least severe type of burn injury, but they can still be extremely painful. The top layer of skin will often burn off in this type of injury and the remaining skin will appear red. First degree burns can become infected if improperly treated.

Second Degree Burns

Both the first and second layer of skin is burned in second degree burn injuries. This type of burn usually results in blisters. If not properly treated, there can be a decrease in blood flow that leads to swelling. If this happens, a second degree burn can develop into a third degree burn.

Third Degree Burns

Third degree burns are the most severe of all burns. In this type of injury, all layers of the skin are destroyed. Third degree burn injuries are usually caused by extended exposure to fires, hot liquids, etc. Treatment of third degree burns often requires extensive measures, such as multiple skin grafts, in order to repair damage.

Types of Lacerations

Lacerations are another common injury experienced by Arizona auto accident victims. Lacerations are characterized by deep gashes and tattered abrasions. Car accident victims may incur a laceration when the force of the impact causes an object to strike the skin and triggers an exposed lesion.

There are five different types of lacerations.

Cut Laceration

Cut lacerations are the most common type of laceration. This type of injury happens when a sharp object contacts the skin and breaks through the first layer of skin. Cut lacerations can sometime break through to underlying tissue as well.

Grinding Compression

When an object hits the skin in a brushing motion or at an angle and lists the skin and peels it back, this is considered a grinding compression laceration. As the top layer of skin peels back, the epidermis is compromised and the tissue beneath is crushed.


One of the less common types of lacerations, over-stretching occurs when an object strikes the skin at an angle and pushes or pulls the skin, causing complete breakage and/or stretching of the skin.

Split Laceration

Split lacerations occur when two objects crush a portion of the body. After the compression, the skin and tissues tear. This type of injury typically occurs on the hands, legs, face and head.


Tearing lacerations happen when the skin literally tears, as can be assumed from the name of the injury. These lacerations are also very common in auto accidents.

Contact an Experienced Phoenix Burns and Lacerations Attorney

Burns and lacerations are very common injuries and often require extensive and costly procedures to treat. If you or a loved one suffered a burn or laceration injury in an auto accident due to no fault of your own, you may be able to file an auto accident claim in order to recover losses related to your injury.

Burn and laceration victims may be able to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering among other damages associated with the accident.

At Phillips Law Group, our team of attorneys has the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully litigate an auto accident injury claim. We are committed to fighting for the rights of those who have been injured by the actions of another and are dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable for the harm they inflict on others.

Our Phoenix, AZ personal injury attorneys offer free case evaluations to anyone who believes they may have cause to file a lawsuit. During an evaluation, one of our lawyers will assess the merits of your claim and offer guidance on the best course of action in pursuing legal recourse for your losses. If you choose to pursue compensation with the help of our law firm, there is never any cost to you unless we obtain a favorable outcome for your case.

For more information on the legal rights which may be available to Phoenix burn and laceration victims and their families or to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation with a member of our legal team, complete the Free Case Review form on this page.

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