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Teen Deaths In Car Crashes Rise

A recent study done by the Governors Highway Safety Association showed an 11 percent increase in the number of U.S. teens that were killed in car accidents in the first half of 2011. This is the first time in 8 years that teen driving deaths have increased. If… Read More

Auto Accident Car Insurance Disputes

More than 65,000 people are injured every year in Arizona car accidents, and one of the first steps that's taken when these situations arise is to file the appropriate insurance claims. Unfortunately, many of these situations lead to someone who has been… Read More

Fatal Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Worst in AZ History

Motorcyclists tend to enjoy riding in groups because it adds to the overall experience of using this form of transportation. Motorcyclists who ride in groups also tend to enjoy a higher degree of safety than solo riders, as they are more likely to be… Read More

Fatal Phoenix Pickup Truck and Dump Truck Collision

When someone is attempting to make a left turn across oncoming traffic, that driver needs to be able to judge the speed and distance of any oncoming vehicles properly in order to complete that turn safely. However, that timing is always thrown off when… Read More

Minor Car Crash Injuries Can Lead to Big Medical Costs

More than 140,000 Arizona car accidents occur on an annual basis, and when these situations occur they lead to more than 65,000 injuries. While some of these injuries are extremely serious, thousands of them are of a nature that people would describe… Read More

Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury After an Accident in AZ

When Arizona car accidents occur, they often lead to at least one injury, and many of these injuries are serious in nature. However, some of the most dangerous injuries that can be suffered in the aftermath of these collisions are those that may not seem… Read More

Number of Semi Truck Collisions Rise in Arizona

Despite the historic economic downturn in both Arizona and across the United States in recent years, the trucking industry keeps rolling along at a high rate. That's because even in down times, goods need to be hauled and delivered, and anyone who spends… Read More

Arizona Diamondbacks Player in Phoenix Rear-end Collision

Arizona car accidents occur on a daily basis, and no one is immune to the harm they can cause. That's true even if you're a professional athlete, as we were all reminded of recently when Melvin Mora, an infielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks, was hit… Read More

Arizona Highway Rollover Accident Injures Border Patrol

Driving any vehicle involves risk, and there are times when something goes wrong that no one would expect that would necessitate the help of an Phoenix truck accident lawyer. While it's too early to know exactly what led to a recent Arizona rollover accident,… Read More

Phoenix City Bus Accident Leaves Four Injured

Anyone who drives in and around Phoenix understands that city buses are a common sight. People choose this form of transportation for many reasons, and one of them is because they want to avoid the stress and responsibility of driving in environments… Read More

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