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Auto Accident Blog Topics

Safe-Driving Strategies for Your Thanksgiving Holiday Trip

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means millions of Americans will be hitting the road to join family and friends. Unfortunately, with so many vehicles on the road, there is a much higher risk of an accident. That is why it is so important to be extra… Read More

Bicycle Traffic Laws and Safety Tips for Arizona Cyclists

No matter how much experience you have riding a bicycle on Arizona streets, it is still important to review state laws for bicyclists. These laws are designed to help keep you safe and prevent accidents with cars that could cause severe injuries. You… Read More

When Victims Cannot Sue the Government Over a Car Accident Injury?

It is possible for a government entity to be liable for a car accident injury. Arizona allows injury victims to file a claim against the government for damages. However, there are specific requirements for filing these claims and government entities… Read More

Are You Still Eligible for Compensation if You Did Not Have on Your Seat Belt During the Crash?

Did you get injured in a car accident while you were not wearing your seat belt? This raises the concern of whether you can even pursue compensation for your medical bills and other damages. The other side may say your injuries were the result of you… Read More

Dealing with Car Crash Medical Bills While You Wait for a Settlement

You will not be able to get insurance compensation until your car insurance claim is concluded. So, you must figure out how to pay those hefty medical bills while you are waiting for your lawyer to obtain the settlement you need and deserve. The dedicated… Read More

Shared Fault for a Rear-End Accident in Phoenix

If one car crashes into the back of another, the driver of that car is most likely going to be found at fault for the crash. However, there may be situations when the lead driver is partially to blame for the crash. As fault can be a complex issue in… Read More

How Long Does It Take to Negotiate a Car Insurance Settlement?

When car accident victims file insurance claims, one of their biggest concerns is how long it will take to receive compensation. They have bills to take care of and the longer the process drags out, the more anxiety victims may feel. Below, learn more… Read More

Challenging Your Percentage of Fault for a Car Accident

In many car accidents, the victim and the other driver share fault for the crash. For example, maybe the victim was speeding while the other was distracted and this caused a collision that seriously injured the speeding victim. If you were injured in… Read More

Learn the Major Risk Factors for Arizona Motor Vehicle Accidents to Stay Safe

Last year, based on statistics provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), someone in Arizona was injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident every 9 minutes and 51 seconds – that is 146 people a day! An injury crash happens in Arizona… Read More

Department of Public Safety to Distribute 7,500 Flyers on Distracted Driving Law to Offenders

Distracted drivers who get pulled over by Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers will be receiving two-sided flyers with information about the state’s distracted driving law that took effect on April 22 of this year. The flyers break down… Read More

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