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Auto Accident Statistics Utah in 2011

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Mar 25, 2013 in Auto Accidents

Here in Utah, the death rate per 100 million miles traveled equaled .93, which was lower than the United States total of 1.10.

In 2011, there were 52,287 total auto accident injuries in the state of Utah. If we further break down this number, we find that there is an auto accident occurring every fourteen seconds throughout the entire United States.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an automobile accident due to the negligence of another individual, our attorneys believe that individual should be held accountable for their actions and pay for damages they have caused.

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Drowsy Driving in Utah

Here in the state of Utah, we have averaged around 1,220 auto accidents and 32 deaths every year as a result of fatigued drivers. Statistics show that 59 percent of individuals driving on our Utah highways were nodding off while driving, while males were almost 1.8 times more likely than female to become involved in a crash while drowsy.

In 2007, drivers under the age of 25 were involved in half of crashes resulting from falling asleep at the wheel, while individuals driving drowsy in Utahs rural counties were 3.4 times more likely to be involved in an accident than individuals driving drowsy in urban counties.

Speeding in Utah

In 2010, 9,716 crashes in Utah were caused by speeding, which resulted in 4,673 injuries and 89 deaths. The amount of deaths equated for 42 percent of the total amount of traffic related deaths across the state.

Most fatal and non-fatal accidents occur when individuals are traveling between 60 and 69 miles per hour, while individuals traveling above 80 miles per hour are almost always killed during an accident.

Driving Under The Influence in Utah

On average, around 37 individuals are killed each year a result of drinking and driving. From 2002 to 2011 2,443 fatal crashes occurred from drunk drivers. If we break down the alcohol related deaths in 2011, we will find that 67 percent were the drunk driver, 18 percent of deaths were the passenger, 13 percent of deaths were in another vehicle, and three percent were pedestrians.

Individuals ages 25 to 29 were the cause of 310 crashes, injuries and deaths related to drunk driving in Utah in 2011, while males in general caused 70.3 percent of the total crashes and 87.9 percent of fatal crashes.

Teenage Drivers in Utah

From 2002 to 2011 teen drivers accounted for 539,421 total accidents resulting in 2,442 deaths. Teenagers who are 18 years of age account for the highest total crash rate, while 19 year olds account for the highest fatal crash rate. These numbers are mainly due to the inexperience of these new drivers.

Senior Drivers in Utah

Statistics show that 539,421 accidents were caused by senior drivers from 2002 to 2011, while 10.2 percent of all Utah accidents were caused by senior drivers. In addition, males accounted for 60.2 percent of crashes and 75 percent of all fatal crashes.

Motorcycle Accidents in Utah

In 2011, there were 1,117 injuries, 28 deaths, and a total of 1,373 total motorcycle accidents throughout the state of Utah. Around 81 percent of individuals involved in these accidents suffered from a non-fatal injury, which is substantially higher than those involved in an automobile accident. In these accidents, males would account for 1155 total accidents whereas females would account for 200 accidents.

The three highest rates of motorcycle accidents were a result of spending (154), being tailgated (136), and improper lane changes (120).

Deer Accidents in Utah

Research done at Utah State University estimates that 6,000 to 10,000 deer are killed each year on our roadways, while each accident causes an average of $1,500 in damages. These types of accidents can be prevented by driving slower and paying attention for deer. Deer do not travel alone, therefore, if you see one, pay attention for others.

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