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Arizona Resident Pays Big for Scorpion Sting

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Sep 06, 2012 in Local

Scorpions have deadly potential when it comes to their ability to inject serious nerve poisoning into its victims bodies. According to KPHO-TV, upwards of 8,000 scorpions stings occur each and every year. While these predators are small in size, they pack a heavy punch with venom capable of killing or paralyzing stung victims.

After 52 year old Marcie Edmonds rushed to the emergency room in June following a scorpion sting, she had no idea that the cost associated with her anti-venom medicine would be astronomical. After she was cured, Edmonds received a medical bill for the treatment that was more than $83,000.

A resident of Phoenix, Edmonds needed two doses of anti-venom in order to relieve her symptoms from the scorpion sting. Each dose cost nearly $40,000 apiece, driving Edmonds medical bill from Chandler Regional Medical Center. According to the hospital, Edmonds had to pay out-of-network rates for her treatment. The insurer covered $57,000, leaving the remaining $25,000 to be paid by the accident victim.

The personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law would like to remind Phoenix residents that scorpions present serious danger, especially to young children. If you have been stung by a scorpion, seek medical attention immediately. Hospitalization is usually required to get rid of the venom and the associated symptoms.

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