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The United States Department of Labors Wage and Hour Division is responsible for both expanding work opportunities and promoting employment throughout the nation. In doing so, the working environment in the United States is one in which employees can thrive in as they learn and grow within their organization. Employees are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an essential piece of protection for all workers in the country.

The FLSA focuses on overtime pay rules and regulations, ensuring that employers are properly administering payment to those who have worked to receive such recompense. According to the Act, wages must be paid for overtime work when an employee exceeds the 40 hours per workweek. Once the employee has worked in excess of 40 hours, overtime pay must be at a rate of one and half times the regular payment rate.

Unfortunately, many employers in the United States and throughout the state of Arizona break the Fair Labor Standards Act. Oftentimes employees feel hopeless in these situations, believing that nothing can be done to recover funds owed by the employer. However, Arizona residents must understand the responsibility that these employers have to both you and the federal law. As a result, overtime pay must be given to those who have worked over 40 hours in a workweek.

If you or a loved one believes that your employer has broken the FLSA, Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC will help you to receive the overtime pay that you are owed.

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Overtime Pay in Arizona

Overtime pay in Arizona is constructed to ensure that employers are not taking advantage of their employees by forcing them to work additional hours for no additional pay. While the FLSA specifies what acceptable pay is under the federal law, far too many employers in the state of Arizona ignore these regulations. Even worse, many employees simply accept these situations, believing that taking legal action will be useless. At Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC, we are prepared to fight tirelessly to protect your rights under the FLSA.

The United States Department of Labor defines a regular workweek as a recurring, fixed period of 168 hours. Employees who work more than the 40 hours in this workweek must receive overtime pay, unless an exemption is applicable. Overtime pay is not required for work performed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, or regular days of rest. In addition, no limit exists in regard to the number of hours worked by an employee 16 years or older.

Arizona labor law attorneys are here for you when your employer attempts to take advantage of the extra hours that you have given to the company. Philips Law Group strongly believes that these employers must be held accountable for the mistreatment of their employees.

FLSA Overtime Claims

The Wage and Hour Division specifies standards under the FLSA that affect both full-time and part-time employees in the United States. These employees include those in the public and private sector and account for over 130 million U.S. workers. Companies who have below a $500,000 annual dollar volume of business are not covered under the FLSA. In Arizona, employees tend to ignore the overtime pay that they are owed because they lack the knowledge of what constitutes an overtime pay claim.

The following are the most common examples of FLSA overtime pay claims:

  • Off the clock hours which are not identified, recorded, or compensated by the employer for those employees performing job-related, compensable actions
  • Employers who wrongly treat employees as exempt employees, in which FLSA overtime requirements do not apply
  • Failure to pay for wage augments such as EMT stipends, longevity pay, clothing stipend, personal days, training payment, out-of-grade pay, etc.

While these are the most typically seen overtime pay claims, employees in Arizona must not hesitate when they believe that an employer has not paid for their overtime work. In these situations, the employee must contact an employee rights lawyer from Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC. Our staff is fully prepared to handle any kind of employment law issue, as well as any other Arizona state labor law disputes.

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Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC's employee rights department works hard to ensure that Arizona residents are being treated fairly by their employers. Mr. Dayes is the firms Employment Law Supervisor, licensed to practice in both Arizona and Utah. After years of experience in employment law, our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to build a successful case for those Arizona residents who have suffered due to their employers breach of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

If you believe that you are owed overtime pay, it is time to recover the funds that your employer is obligated to pay. Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC's employment law attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of Arizona residents.

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