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Arizona Job Loss Forecast 'Improves'

When dealing with an economy that's struggling as badly as Arizona's has been for years now, news regarding this issue can generally be described as good, bad or 'less bad than expected'. That appears to be the case with the Arizona job loss forecast that has recently been adjusted to reflect slight improvements in the overall economic structure. However, most still expect job losses to occur in the near future. Too many people in the state understand this reality all too well, and those that do and are struggling financially should seek the help of Arizona bankruptcy lawyers to find a way out from under mounting bills and stress.

Arizona Job Loss Predictions

Arizona's Department of Commerce had predicted that the state would lose about 2 percent of its jobs this year, which would have led to a total loss of approximately 50,000 jobs. However, certain factors have helped to 'improve' this forecast to an expected loss of one percent of jobs in the state during 2010, or a total loss of 25,000 jobs. The reasons provided for this lowered job loss forecast include federal stimulus money, a slight improvement in hiring for private sector jobs and an overall strengthening of the economy worldwide. The number of jobs in Arizona is actually expected to rise slightly in 2011, which would be the first improvement in three years.

Despite this 'good' news that's being released, it still indicates that people are losing jobs in the thousands every month in the state, and anyone who understands basic economic principles realizes that until sustained job growth is in place, other aspects of the economy including real estate values, investments and consumer spending will not improve. Theories can be offered on a 'macro' scale that show economic improvement, but until the individual Arizona resident benefits, people will continue to struggle.

Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers

What it all boils down to in the long run is that too many people are still suffering daily from stress that results from financial problems. Bills cannot be paid, mortgages are moving into default and property values are dwindling. Those who find themselves in this position with few or no employment prospects generally do not see a way out. Fortunately, there are options. The first step involves taking a close look at your financial situation and deciding how to put an end to your struggles.

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