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Arizona Debates Red-Light Camera Option

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Aug 21, 2012 in Local

As more buzz circulates the red-light camera debate in Arizona, residents across the state have taken sides about the consequences of this city to city change. While each city must determine the potential risks and rewards associated with implementing these cameras, many Arizonians have weighed in to voice their concerns.

American Traffic Solutions, Inc., a Scottsdale-based red-light equipment company, has arguments swirling following the release of a recent study. Through the study, it was discovered that cities are saving money through the use of this type of equipment.

Proponents for the red-light camera placement in Arizona speak to the cost-effectiveness and added safety that will ensure. Traffic engineers have stated that traffic cameras do, in fact, make intersections safer.

However, opponents to the new cameras point to a number of examples where they feel auto accidents actually increased following red-light camera placement. Quite a few cities, including Avondale and Glendale, have ended their red-light camera programs within the last few years.

While debate still flows throughout the streets of Arizona, residents should keep a close eye on the outcome. Being an alert driver, especially when crossing an intersection, is imperative to safe driving.

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