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Google Driverless Cars Are Involved in Another Accident

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Jun 04, 2015 in Auto Accidents

Arizona Auto Accident LawyersOne of Google's self-driving cars was involved in another accident last week, according to Google co-founder Sergey Brin who oversees the company's self-driving car fleet.

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Though the vehicles have now been involved in 12 accidents in the last six years, the tech giant refuses to release the accident reports from the incidents. They also continue to defend the new technology and its hope to make roads safer.

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According to Google, the self-driving car has never been at fault in any of the accidents, though an employee was in control at the time of one of the accidents.

According to Chris Urmson, director of the program, the vehicles were hit from behind in most of the accidents, in addition to some freeway and traffic light incidents.

Consumer Watchdog, a group that has been highly critical of Google's new venture, is demanding the company release the accident reports from the crashes, stating that it will give the public a better idea of the risks that the vehicles pose.

Unfortunately, both Google and the Department of Motor Vehicles, where the reports are filed, have refused the request out of privacy concerns for the other drivers involved.

Brin says that even if the reports were released without the names of the victims, the documents wouldn't disclose anything more than the summary that the company has posted about the accidents.

Driverless vehicles present uncharted waters for regulators who are still grappling with ways to regulate the quickly growing technology.

The Google self-driving cars have driven more than 1.7 million miles, but there are still a lot more test miles to go before all of the kinks and issues are worked out.

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