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Accutane Lawsuits for Side Effects Move Forward in 2011

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Jan 27, 2011 in Defective Drug

Accutane is a medication that was manufactured by Roche AG, and it was used by people all over the United States to treat the symptoms of severe acne. For many people, this medication was extremely effective, but for many others, the use of this medication led to irreparable harm. As a result of this severe harm, many people began to seek the help of Accutane injury lawyers in order to protect and enforce their legal rights. For one reason or another, an enormous number of Accutane side effects lawsuits were filed in New Jersey. Now comes word that these trials are set to move forward in 2011.

Accutane Side Effects Lawsuits For Injuries in NJ

As of now, there are approximately 2,500 active individual claims filed in New Jersey state court against Roche AG for Accutane side effects. For a time, these claims were delayed because of a decision that overturned a $10.5 million verdict in one case because of what was seen as an erroneous decision to disallow evidence of the number of people who have used Accutane without incident over the years. That case has been remanded for a new trial, and if it plays out like a previous appeal, it's possible that the plaintiff will win a larger damages award.

Regardless, now that the appeal at issue has been decided, the remaining 2,500 Accutane side effects lawsuits have been consolidated under one judge so that these claims can be tried and decided more quickly and efficiently. There is no telling how much liability Roche AG will face as a result of these claims, but it will likely be a year that will be remembered by those in the legal community for many years to come.

Defective Acne Drug Attorneys Can Help Victims

However, this does not necessarily help those who have already used Accutane and have not yet had their legal rights enforced. If this includes you or someone you love, you need to seek the help of Phoenix injury lawyer who has been holding the manufacturers of dangerous drugs accountable for many years. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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