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A Delay in Cancer Diagnosis Could Mean Medical Malpractice

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Sep 23, 2010 in Medical Malpractice

Cancer is a public health scourge, and it's been terrorizing people all over Arizona and the United States for generations. The biggest reason that cancer instills such fear is that it has no cure, although the remarkable progress made in cancer research has given countless people a chance at survival if the cancer is diagnosed early on in its progression and treated properly and aggressively. Regardless, cancer still kills more than 500,000 people every year, and many of these deaths can be traced to a failure to diagnose this disease in patients. Those who experience a delay in a cancer diagnosis should seek the immediate help of Phoenix medical malpractice attorneys, and below is an explanation as to why this contact should be made.

Arizona Medical Malpractice in Cancer Diagnosis and Progression

Cancer is a progressive disease, which means that once it begins inside of a person's body, it continues to grow and spread. There are defined stages of almost every type of cancer, and those patients who have their cancer diagnosed early face an infinitesimally better chance at recovery and survival than those who do not have cancer diagnosed until the disease has reached advanced stages. Specifically, if the cancer spreads beyond its origination point in the body and begins to attack other areas, it can be difficult if not impossible to remove the tumor or tumors surgically, and radiation treatments and other strategies will not be enough to survive.

As a result, patients who report to the doctor with certain types of symptoms should be checked for cancer, especially if that patient has any type of family history of cancer or that patient has been exposed to any known cancer-causing agents for any period of time. If the doctor fails to recognize the possibility of cancer in a patient and that cancer spreads and becomes worse as a result, this could constitute negligence by the treating doctor for failing to test for this disease.

Contact a Phoenix Medical Malpractice Attorney

Overall, approximately 1.2 million cancer diagnoses are made in the United States every year. If you are concerned about this possibility, seek medical attention immediately. If you have suffered from advanced cancer because it was not diagnosed when it should have been, seek the help of the personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group today by contacting the firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

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