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64,000 Pounds of Chicken and Pork Products Recalled

Generally speaking, people are conditioned to trust the food products they purchase, as many assume that these products have passed thorough inspections before ever making it to the retail shelf. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there have been countless stories in the past of how people have become sick or even worse as a result of consuming contaminated food. Now comes word that a massive pork and chicken product recall has been initiated because of concerns regarding contamination, and consumers are warned to avoid using them.

This chicken and pork product recall of 64,000 pounds of these products that contain broccoli has been initiated by the company that manufactures them, Taylor Farms Pacific of Tracy, California. The reason for this recall is because a random sampling of the product revealed the presence of Listeria, which is a bacteria that if ingested by certain types of people can put them in serious danger of debilitating illnesses or even death. The people who are particularly at risk are children, elderly people or anyone who has a weak or even a temporarily weakened immune system.

Examples of the products that are sold at retail that have been affected by this pork and chicken recall include rice bowls and pasta dishes sold under the brand name of "Raley's" and salad and alfredo dishes sold under the brand name of "Taylor Farms". These products were manufactured with sell dates ranging between February 7 and March 7, and they were distributed in Arizona, California, Colorado and Wyoming. Consumers are asked to check for any of these products and to avoid using them.

Arizona Defective Products Lawyers

When situations like this arise, the most immediate effort that's made is towards alerting the public of danger. Unfortunately, this effort does not always reach every person who could be affected, and many become ill or worse as a result of consuming these dangerous defective products. When this situation arises, it's possible to file an Arizona defective products lawsuit against the manufacturer and/or others in order to recover damages incurred that could include medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by these or any other defective products, you need to seek the help of Arizona defective products lawyers who have been holding those responsible for this type of injury accountable for many years. Contact the Phillips Law Group, Arizona's Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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