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Arizona Passenger Van Accident Lawyers: Van Service Lawsuits and Liability

Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyers Helping Those Injured in 15-Passenger Van Collisions

When groups of people need to travel to the same destination together, there are many options for transportation. Traveling in one group offers many advantages and generally lowers the risk that would be involved if several individuals were driving themselves. Not every group is large enough to warrant the chartering of a bus, however, and when a group is smaller in size, a popular transportation choice is the 15-passenger van.

Unfortunately, 15-passenger van accidents can and do occur, and when they do, those who are injured need the help of an Phoenix 15-passenger van accident lawyer. Below youll find information regarding 15-passenger van accident statistics, lawsuits that could be filed after a 15-passenger van accident under a theory of personal injury, lawsuits that could be filed after an accident under a theory of products liability and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has been harmed in a 15-passenger van accident in Arizona.

15-Passenger Van Accident Statistics

15-passenger vans are popular in the rental context, and many different types of groups will rent such a vehicle for travel. Examples of groups who may have a need for a 15-passenger van include sports teams, youth groups, social groups and just about any other organized group or even informal groups of people.

Unfortunately, even though many assume that the decision to use a 15-passenger van promotes safety, accidents do occur. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), a federal agency that tracks accident statistics, there are more than 100 fatalities in the United States every year as a result of 15-passenger van accidents. That equates to nearly two per week.

In addition to this troubling statistic, approximately half of all 15-passenger van statistics that result in at least one fatality were one-vehicle crashes. Perhaps most troubling is that of all fatal 15-passenger van accidents, approximately one in four are rollover accidents. This rollover crash tendency has led to many insurance companies refusing to underwrite coverage for travel in these vehicles.

Arizona Personal Injury Cases As a Result of 15-Passenger Van Accidents

The most common legal theory under which legal claims will proceed after a 15-passenger van accident is that of personal injury. Personal injury lawsuits generally center on alleged negligence of a party or parties whose negligent conduct led to injuries suffered by those who are seeking justice in court. Below are a few examples of personal injury cases that could be filed after this sort of accident.

Negligent 15-Passenger Van Driver

As is the case with many personal injury claims, one of the most common claims following a 15-passenger van accident is one that alleges that the driver of the van was negligent. Negligence on the part of the driver could be established by way of proving that the driver was not paying proper attention to the road, that he or she was speeding or driving aggressively or recklessly or that he or she failed to obey Arizona traffic laws and caused the accident and injuries.

Negligent Driver of Other Vehicles

Of course, not every 15-passenger van accident results from the negligence of the van driver. These accidents can occur as a result of negligence by the driver of another vehicle or vehicles, and these cases proceed much like any traffic accident case.

Negligent Rental Agency

Some 15-passenger van accidents occur because the van itself is not safe for travel. One of the reasons a van may not be safe for use is because it has not been maintained properly and has not been properly inspected by the rental agency prior to allowing it to be used on the roads. If an accident occurs as a result of this failure to properly manage the vehicle, the rental agency could be liable.

Product Liability Cases as a Result of 15-Passenger Van Accidents

While these types of claims are not as common as personal injury cases resulting from these types of accidents, the theory of products liability could be a reason to bring a lawsuit in the aftermath of an Arizona 15-passenger van accident. Below are two examples of these types of claims.

General Vehicle Defects

Vehicles of all types are manufactured, and mistakes can be made while they are being built. There have been many examples of this in the past, including the use of improper tires, of faulty manufacturing that results in a vehicle breakdown at a dangerous time and many other instances where a vehicle does not perform as it should to the peril of the passengers. These claims are made against the manufacturer of the vehicle at issue.

Rollover Accidents

One of the reasons that many insurers will not cover a 15-passenger van is because the design of these vehicles leads to top-heavy travel. When a vehicle carries too much weight at the top, it has a tendency to roll over and crash when the driver of the van needs to take a sharp turn or needs to take sudden evasive action that cannot be successfully handled given the uneven weight distribution.

How a Phoenix 15-Passenger Van Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you or someone you love has been harmed in this sort of accident, you need to seek the help of an experienced Arizona 15-passenger van accident lawyer. Contact the Arizona law firm of Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation, as the firm has been holding those responsible for harm accountable for decades.

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