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Can I Receive Social Security Disability Benefits for My Depression?

Depression is an emotional disorder that causes people to feel perpetually sad, inadequate and helpless. Severe cases of depression can be disabling and may qualify a person suffering from such a crippling disorder to file a claim for Social Security… Read More

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security disability benefits provide valuable financial support to those who are suffering from a disability and are unable to earn an income. If you qualify to receive benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental… Read More

Can I Receive Benefits from Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability at the Same Time?

If you suffer from a disability that was caused by a work-related accident, it may be possible to receive benefits from both workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability (SSD). Collecting benefits through both workers’ compensation insurance… Read More

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Individuals who are disabled and unable to work may be entitled to receive monthly financial benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA has strict requirements for those who qualify for Social Security disability benefits, outlined… Read More

When You Should Hire a Disability Lawyer

If you are filing a disability claim or are in the process of appealing a denial, consulting with a disability attorney may increase your chances of successfully receiving compensation. An experienced disability attorney can assist you with your claim… Read More

Common Conditions That Qualify for SSD Benefits

If you are suffering from a disabling condition you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits that provide assistance to you and your loved ones. In order to determine if you are eligible to receive benefits, you must fill out an… Read More

Phoenix Attorneys Help With Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

There are some people in the United States who for many different reasons both physical and mental are simply unable to hold gainful employment. For these unfortunate people, there are programs in place designed to help them avoid becoming a burden on… Read More

Arizona Social Security Disability Appeals

As unfortunate as it seems, there are people in Arizona who are disabled and unable to work to the point where they would be considered gainfully employed. These disabilities can be physical or mental, and the federal government has programs to help those… Read More

Supplemental Security Income for Disabled Arizona Residents

Unfortunately, there are people who live in Arizona who simply cannot hold gainful employment because of some sort of serious disability, whether that disability is physical, mental or both. Rather than have those who cannot provide for themselves become… Read More

Problems with Applying for Social Security Disability in Arizona

For people who are unable to work and who will be unable to work for some time, there are programs available that can help keep them from becoming completely destitute. One such program of benefits is overseen by the United States Social Security Administration… Read More

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