Business Litigation Attorneys in Arizona

business-buildingsWhether you own a large, worldwide corporation or a small local business, a dispute that results in a lawsuit can be a financial disaster.

With that said, hiring a contingency-based business litigation attorney can be an appropriate decision for almost any company.

If you are in need of a small business lawyer in Arizona, or if you need an Arizona business lawyer who has experience representing large corporations, look no further than the Phillips Law Group.

Our business attorneys are committed to offering commercial contingency services to all companies throughout Arizona—large or small.

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Contingency Agreement with a Business Attorney: How Does it Work?

lawyer-and-business-ownersQuite simply, having a contingency contract with an attorney means you do not pay the attorney based on the amount of hours they work.

Instead, you pay them a percentage of any financial recovery they obtain for you through litigation or a settlement.

If your company is involved in a lawsuit, our skilled business litigation attorneys will devise a strategic plan of action designed to maximize the amount of money you recover, whether it be through negotiation, arbitration, or trial.

If our efforts do not result in a recovery, then there is no fee for the work performed.

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Types of Commercial Contingency Services We Offer

business-litigation-lawyer-with-law-booksOur attorneys are experienced at handling a wide array of business litigation cases.

We can help you achieve a fair resolution to almost any disputed matter that you may have with another party. 

Following are a few examples of situations where using our business attorneys on a contingency basis may be particularly appropriate:

Breach of Contract—when one or more parties fail to honor a legal and binding agreement with your business (such as breaking a lease, not paying debts owed, or by disputing purchase and sale agreements) and in doing so, causes your company to suffer financial damages.

Investment Losses and Securities Fraud—when your company’s investments have been severely compromised due to stockbroker fraud, financial misrepresentations, mismanagement of funds, or other monetary misconduct.

Shareholder and Partnership Lawsuits—disagreements among management and shareholders that threaten the integrity and financial stability of a business, such as corporate restructuring disputes, claims of shareholder oppression, or stock sales and purchase disagreements.

Intellectual Property Disputes—when a business’s legal rights to intellectual property are challenged by patent disputes, trademark ownership, or claims of copyright infringement.

Arizona Business Litigation Lawyers that Get Results

businessman-lawyer-handshakeThe business litigation lawyers at the Phillips Law Group have over twenty-five years of experience fighting for the rights of business owners in Arizona and across the United States.

Our business attorneys have mediated hundreds of cases and have successfully represented several Fortune 500 companies including Home Depot, Walgreens, Nationwide Insurance, State Farm Insurance, and Marriott.

If you are a business owner involved in a dispute or lawsuit, contact the contingency-based attorneys at the Phillips Law Group today.

We have the knowledge and experience needed to successfully guide you through any litigation and help you understand which attorney contingency fee percentages best fit your individual circumstances.

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